AndyAndrew Becker – Technician/Owner Andy is a third generation technician/owner. Andy consults and coordinates complex inter-departmental cases, as well as those involving implants. He has been certified by the NADL in Crown & Bridge, Ceramics and Partial Dentures Specialties. Andy’s 43 years of experience benefits not only the technicians he works with, but affords him a very comfortable working relationship with his doctors. Andy has been married 35 and has four children with his wife, Shelby. Outside of the lab, Andy enjoys fishing, skiing, outdoor recreation and spending time with his family.



jeff-mJeff McCutchan – Fixed Department Manager Jeff holds an A.S.S. degree in dental technology from Triton College. He has been certified in Ceramics by the NADL. Jeff’s 30 years experience shows in the exceptional esthetics created by the Ceramics/Crown & Bridge departments. Jeff has been married for 30 years and has two daughters with his wife, Sharon.


Shelby Shelby Becker –  Office