Satisfaction Dental was founded in Elgin, Illinois in 1929, by a young German immigrant, Robert Raedecke. The original laboratory was located on the east side of Elgin in the mezzanine level of the professional building and was later moved to Highland Ave. In the early sixties, Satisfaction was relocated to it’s permanent home on the west side of Elgin.

Following in his uncle’s footsteps, Robert Becker began working in the lab as a young man and would work alongside his uncle until he reported for service in the United States Navy in 1942.  During his tour, Robert served on the USS Birmingham and was ultimately transferred to Pearl Harbor because of his commercial lab experience.  After returning home from the war Robert continued working with his uncle and, in 1949, married a local girl by the name of Dorothy Werfelmann.  Bob and Dorothy had four children – Cindy, Tom, John and Andy – but only one of those children would continue in the family business.  Robert assumed ownership of SDL in the early sixties and would work at Satisfaction until his death in 1996.

Andy, the youngest of the Beckers, started working at the lab as a child, doing errands, cleaning and mentoring under his father, Robert.  By the age of 16, Andy was working in the model department and doing deliveries.  Andy became a Certified Dental Technician in the early eighties and maintained his certification with ongoing education in the dental field.

About that same time, Andy embarked on an exciting career in the world of aviation.  During the next ten years, Andy would continue to finance his aviation certifications with his work at SDL.  At the age of 23, Andy became a Certified Flight Instructor with Tufts-Edgecombe Airport in Elgin, IL.  In 1982 Andy married Shelby Roberts and would continue flying for another five years before turning his full attention to owning and operating SDL. Andy celebrates 43 years in the dental laboratory business this year.

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