About Us

Our work regularly receives raves from our doctors. More important, we win compliments for the consistency of our quality. Precision is our passion and remakes are almost nonexistent. With the latest technology, the finest materials, and our highly experienced, long-term technicians, you get exceptional restorations, time after time. That means natural esthetics, precise margins, proper contours, accurate shades, and superior function. That means a satisfied patient and more referrals for your practice!

Our professional fees are both competitive and “reasonable.” Even better, our doctors say we save them chairtime on each case, allowing them to schedule more patients per week.

Our systematic approach allows us to maximize efficiency and minimize mistakes while still putting uncompromising attention-to-detail into every case. Such productivity improvements add up because Dental Economics magazine says you should value your time at $10 per minute. That means a quality restoration that nearly always fits the very first time — and seats almost immediately — can cost you less than one from a “budget” lab that takes 5 to 10 minutes to adjust.

The bottom line is, we help enhance your bottom line.

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